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                  2018-02-26Obtain IATF 16949: 2016 certification
                  2018-02-26Obtain ISO 9001: 2015 certification
                  2017-07-18Add the resistors of the wide electrode
                  2017-06-30Thin film series products upgrade of power
                  2017-06-30Large size 1210/2010 products upgrade of power
                  2020-10-05TP-Thin Film Precision Chip Resistor
                  2020-02-04AS-Thick Film Anti-Surge Chip Resistor
                  2020-01-03MQR Series Metal Foil Low-Resistance
                  2020-01-03MA(A) AEC-Q200 Series Metal Alloy Low-Resistance
                  2019-10-07MAL— Metal Alloy Low Resistance Chip Resistor
                  2019-10-07QUH-Automotive Ultra High Power Chip Resistor
                  2019-10-07CUH-Thick Film Ultra High Power Chip Resistor
                  2019-10-07CLT-Low TCR Chip Resistor
                  2019-10-07STH-Anti-Sulfur High Power Chip Resistor
                  2019-08-19TGL Series Metal Film Anti-Surge Low-Resistance
                  2019-08-19TRL Series Metal Film Low-Resistance
                  2019-06-17QRH-Automotive High Power Chip Resistor
                  2019-03-28QRW-Automotive Wide Terminal Resistors
                  2019-01-04SRF Series Metal Alloy Low-Resistance
                  2018-10-29MFF Series Metal Foil Low-Resistance
                  2018-10-29MFR Series Metal Foil Low-Resistance
                  2018-10-29MRE Series Metal Alloy Low-Resistance
                  2018-10-29SR Series Metal Alloy Low-Resistance
                  2018-10-29MR Series Metal Alloy Low-Resistance
                  2018-10-29MA Series Metal Alloy Low-Resistance
                  2018-05-22HR-High voltage Chip Resistor
                  2018-05-22TR-Thin Film Chip Resistor
                  2018-05-22STA-Anti-Sulfur Array Chip Resistor
                  2018-05-22QRA-Automotive Array Chip Resistor
                  2018-05-22QR-Automotive Chip Resistor
                  2018-05-22CRA-Thick Film Array Chip Resistor
                  2018-05-22CRH — Thick Film High Power Chip Resistor
                  2018-05-22CR-Thick Film Chip Resistor
                  2017-07-24CRW-WIDE TERMINAL RESISTORS
                  2013-03-16ST-ANTI SULFUR RESISTORS
                  2013-03-16FCR-FUSIBLE RESISTORS
                  2013-03-16TCR-THICK FILM TRIMMABLE RESISTORS
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